We do payouts by request only, to request a payout send an email to and we will add you to the payout list.


For checks there is a $2 fee. We have had issues recently with checks getting lost in the mail so all checks by default will be available for pick up in the store. If you would like checks mailed to you we can still do that, just be sure to let us know when you request your payout and confirm your mailing address. 



Venmo and Paypal both have a $1 fee for payouts. For Paypal we need the email address connected to your paypal account. For Venmo we need the account name.  Please make sure you confirm this when requesting payouts to make sure it goes to the correct account.

Please do not send images or screenshots of your Paypal/Venmo information. We need the actual username we can copy/paste to ensure it goes to the correct person. 


If you have less that $30 in your account you can stop by anytime and request a cash payout.