Drop off hours

Tuesday-Saturday 10am-4:30pm



STEP 1: Prep Your Items

Check out our What We Accept page for details on brands, items and seasons we are accepting.

 CLOTHES: Please make sure that your items are freshly laundered with all buttons, zippers, and snaps fastened. Place your items in a sturdy container such as a plastic tote or laundry basket with the clothes stacked and laying flat. It is fine if the clothes are not completely flat in the container but we want to be able to quickly and easily grab them and lay them on our table without having to fold and unfold each individual item.

Please do NOT bring anything on hangers as we will ask you to remove your items from the hangers before we can begin reviewing them. 

TOYS: All toys need to be cleaned and have fresh batteries. Please make sure all parts and pieces are included. 

SHOES: Make sure you shoes are cleaned, with laces tied and sets are paired together. 

STEP 2: Drop off your items


We will look though up to 20 clothing items and 10 "other" items (Shoes, purses, jewelry) per drop off

 When you arrive at our store, check in with the front desk and we will provide you with an estimated time for processing your items.

While you shop, we will carefully examine each of your items for stains, wear and tear, batteries, and missing pieces. We will select the items that we believe will sell well and give you back the items that we do not think will sell at that time. 

We will process your items and send you an email within 48 hours of your drop-off with a list of the items and their prices. If we happen to overlook any items that are not suitable for sale during our initial examination, we will include this in the email. 

You will have three days from the date of the email to pick up those items. If you are unable to come back or do not wish to, these items will be donated.

STEP 3: Get Paid

We have a 50/50 consigner split on the sale of all items, as soon as your items sell, the money goes into your account. Items stay in our shop of 90 days if your items do not sell we ask that you pick up the items roughly a week before the 90 day mark. 

You can use your money in the store OR request a payout at anytime. For more information on payouts go here. 

To check on your balance you can login to our consignor portal at any time. 

First time consigners here is our contract if you want to have it ready when you arrive!  CONTRACT